Prepare for the new school year starting in September 2024

Below you will find everything you need to know to prepare calmly for the new school year:  

Welcome to the new families

If you’re one of the 40 new families joining Agnès School for the first time, in nursery, primary or secondary school, this message is for you!

Below you’ll find information on school rules, educational principles, general organization and the school calendar.

Ré-inscriptions 2024-2025

La ré-inscription de votre/vos enfant(s) se fait en trois étapes :

  • Confirmer que vous avez bien (re)pris connaissance des documents essentiels et que vous continuerez de les respecter : charte des principes éducatifs, Règlement 2024-2025, Notice sur le Minerval 2024-2025, calendrier des congés scolaires et journées pédagogiques 2024-2025.
  • Remplir un formulaire de réinscription par enfant en ligne : cliquez-ici. Renouveler l’opération autant de fois que vous avez d’enfants à réinscrire.
  • Verser l’acompte sur Minerval (600 Euros) avant le 15 janvier 2024 sur le compte de l’école IBAN BE17 0688 9920 8821 avec la mention « réinscription 2024-2025 + nom et le prénom de l’enfant ».

L’acompte sur le minerval sera déduit automatiquement de la première facture 2024-2025, émise en septembre 2024. Nous vous rappelons que cette somme ne pourra nullement être restituée en cas de désistement/annulation d’inscription ultérieur de votre part. L’ensemble des conditions et modalités financières sont consultables ici.

Si vous êtes dans l’impossibilité de verser ce montant, ou si vous n’êtes pas en mesure de vous engager formellement pour la date limite du 15 janvier, veuillez prendre contact par e-mail :

Une ré-inscription sera considérée comme complète et acceptée si elle est enregistrée dans les temps impartis et si les étapes susmentionnées ont été dument complétées. Un e-mail de confirmation d’acceptation sera envoyé.

Nous vous rappelons que, passé le 15 janvier, nous ne serons plus en mesure de donner priorité aux élèves actuellement scolarisés à l’école et que nous ouvrirons les inscriptions aux familles extérieures.

General information by grade

  • Wednesday 30 August at 8pm: Pre-primary and primary school – All new families are invited, without children. The director will recap the main fundamentals of the school. Parents will have an opportunity to meet the teachers and relay-parents for an informal exchange over a drink. This meeting is focused on the general aspects of the functioning of the school and is aiming at familiarising yourself with the main stakeholders.
  • Tuesday 5 september at 8pm: Secondary school only: new families of S1 and S2 are invited for an “all-in-one-meeting” on . They will get to know the school, the teachers, the pedagogical objectives and families of the secondary school. 
  • Wednesday 6 September at 8pm: for ALL parents of pre-primary (maternelles) and primary (P1 to P6). No children. This meeting is complementary to the one of 30/08 for new comers. Parents will meet the teachers and hear about the pedagogical objectives and curricula for their children. It is really “pedagogy-oriented”. It is also an opportunity to meet all other parents of the class.

All children of M0 and M1 are invited to visit their classroom on Thursday 31 August between 10.30 and noon (12). They can bring their equipment at the same time.

In M0 (2 years old): An adaptation period will be proposed to allow for a smooth transition. Dad and/or mom can accompany their child from M0 in class between 8am and 9.30am, on Frirday 1st September, Monday 04 Sept and Tuesday 05 Sept. During these days, parents should feel free to either leave school with their child at 9.30am, or to come back and collect him/her at either 11.45am (after the child’s lunch at school), or at 3.45pm.

Between Wednesday 6 and Friday 15 Septembre, parents call collect their children at 11.45 if they wish. The parents’ presence in class will no longer be possible.

As of Monday 18 September, children are expected in their classrooms for full days.

These arrangements should enable children to gradually and peacefully adapt.

In M1 (3 years old): Mam or dad can stay in the classroom until 9am on Friday 01 September.

Your child is entering P1 English or P1 Dutch?

Mam or Dad (one adult only) can accompany the child up the staircase, in his/her classroom, to help carry the back-pack and all the items requested (see lists below). Mam or Dad will be asked to leave the room as soon as possible, and not later than 8.40am.

Fancy-Fair, Candlemas, bank holidays, holidays, special events, teachers’ training days…write it all down now!

The first parents-teachers’ meeting will take place on:

  • Tuesday 5 September 8pm: Secondary School S1 and S2 => Avenue Père Damien
  • Wednesday 6 September 8pm – ALL parents are exepcted to attend.

The school has compiled a large variety of suggestions of activities during the lock-down. All these pedagogical files can be retrieved for our page “lock-down – school continues – page to be used during the summer as well!”

Make use of the list of books to be read, and listen as often as you can to our audio-book library! While you travel or rest, listen to audio-books in English, French or Dutch! These are great assets for your children’s language skills!

This check must be completed prior to 27 August.

It is your responsibility as parents to check that all data related to your children are correct.

To do this, you need to use the Classe365 platform:

Friday 1st September: start of “After school care “garderie” for M0 to P5

Friday 1st September: start of “hot meals”, for M0 to P5

Monday 4 September: Study “étude” starts, for P1 to S2

Week starting Monday 11 September: “Parascolaires / extra-curricular activities start, for M0 to S2.

Catalogue of activities and financial conditions

  • An annual consent form for any school trips that will take place over the course of the academic year as part of the school curriculum.
  • Does your child need a school release card (for primary pupils only) allowing him/her to leave school alone ?
  • A consent form for the use of personal data, waiving of copyright and permission to share and use photos and/or videos.
  • A form stating that you have read and understood the Rules and Practical Information 2023-2024  – Commitment between Agnes School, its pupils and their parents.
  • An optional “Direct debit mandate core sepa” to enable direct debit linked to tuition fees and miscellaneous school fees (recurrent payment).

There are 4 others sales during the academic year

  • Rue Louis Hap 143: Monday 28 August between 4 and 6pm and Tuesday 29 August lunch time between 12 and 1pm

  • Avenue Père Damien (size 12, 14 and 16): Thursday 30 August between 4 and 5pm

Parent representatives

Parent representatives serve as contact partners for parents. They seek to strengthen ties between parents and the school, and to foster a climate of collaboration, friendship, kindness and trust that benefits everyone, particularly the children.

With the greatest respect for the freedom and educational style of each family, the parent representatives contribute to the parents’ understanding of the interest in maintaining a demanding, simple, hard-working and happy family environment, in which children grow in maturity and freedom.  

Parent representatives also act as representatives for class groups and show initiative in all activities involving the parents and families of their respective class. At school level, through their role and their close relationship with the school management, they help to strengthen ties between the school and its families and to perfect the educational project.   

There are a couple of parent representatives per class.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with them.  

Getting involved in school life

Parents play a prominent role at Agnes School. The school invites you to get involved in the academic follow-up of your children and in school life, so that families and teachers can work together, hand in hand. 
By actively participating in school life, you will contribute to the family-school partnership, which is at the heart of our educational project. There are numerous ways to get involved. What are your main interests and skills? 

Getting involved in the chaplaincy

Agnes School considers that the spiritual growth of its pupils is an integral part of the tailored educational project that it offers. 

Pupils and their parents therefore have the opportunity to actively participate in the chaplaincy. 

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